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Courage To Love (PotC; Jack/Will, Will/Elizabeth; PG; Courage) - [ potc100 ] — LiveJournal
pirates of the caribbean drabble challenge

Pirates Sparrow & Turner posting in Pirates of the Caribbean Drabbles
User: potc100 (posted by orlidepp)
Date: 2012-09-30 22:39
Subject: Courage To Love (PotC; Jack/Will, Will/Elizabeth; PG; Courage)
Security: Public
Tags:author: orlidepp, challenge: courage, pairing: jack/will, rating: pg/k+
Working Title: Courage To Love
Author: Pirate Turner
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Will/Elizabeth with hints of becoming Jack/Will
Rating: PG
Challenge: Courage
Date Written: 28 and 30 September, 2012
Word Count: 300
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Disney, not the author.

"It's foolhardy, boy, an' I won't stand between ye an' death."

"I'm not asking you to. I'm just asking you to help me find her."

"That I will, but it's as far as I'm goin'. Ye get yer woman back, I get me ship, an' that's that."

Will nodded his agreement, but his rich, dark eyes continued to watch the Pirate Captain steadily.

"Out wit' it, boy," Jack snarled, and then instantly wished he hadn't.

"I know what your problem is," Will said. "You're jealous!"

"What?!" thundered Jack.

"You're jealous," Will repeated, speaking more boldly. "You wish some one loved you like I do Elizabeth and had the courage to go after you when you were in danger! That's why you were still in jail: You have no one to come after you. No one who loves you, or wants to help you!"

"To be Bootstrap's son, ye're damn sure a landlubber idiot! All I need, all I want in this life, is me ship an' th' open seas." He shook his head; the beads threaded through his long, ebony hair jingled with the movement.

"Fine, fine," Will spoke, holding up his hands. His eyes gazed steadfastly into Jack's. "You don't need any one. You're alone, but you like it that way."

"Damn straight," Jack muttered and, turning on the heels of his boots, walked away and back to the ship's wheel. He continued to mutter more lies underneath his breath as he clutched the wheel steadily in his hands. He didn't need any one. He didn't want any one. He damn sure didn't want a boy who was so wrapped over a trollop that he was ready to get himself killed over her! But yet, before journey's end, Jack would find himself with everything he didn't need -- and everything he did.

The End
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