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What the Pirate Wants (PotC; Jack/Will; G; Locker) - [ potc100 ]
pirates of the caribbean drabble challenge

Pirates Sparrow & Turner posting in Pirates of the Caribbean Drabbles
User: potc100 (posted by orlidepp)
Date: 2012-08-28 10:16
Subject: What the Pirate Wants (PotC; Jack/Will; G; Locker)
Security: Public
Tags:author: orlidepp, challenge: locker, pairing: jack/will, rating: g/k
Working Title: What The Pirate Wants (What the Pirate Really, Really Wants)
Author: Pirate Turner
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: G
Challenge: Locker
Date Written: 28 August, 2012
Word Count: 300
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Disney, not the author.

"If ye don't stop this insanity, boy," Jack declared, reaching for his sword, "I'll send ye straight to Davy Jones' locker!"

Will smiled and barely stopped the laughter bubbling up in his throat. The fearsome Pirate Captain no longer scared him for he'd known, and loved, the real man himself. That was also the reason why he felt so light and carefree. It was as though his heart had grown wings since the first time Jack'd kissed him. "Then do so," he declared, "or leave me on the next island, but I will not marry Miss Swann or any other woman! My heart belongs to you, Jack!"

"It was one night!"

"One night that changed my life!" Will stepped closer. Jack unconsciously stepped backward until the ship's wheel that had once provided his freedom poked him in the back. His dark, kohl-rimmed eyes widened. He was trapped, trapped like a sinking rat, trapped on his own ship, in his own home, with a man who loved him -- and who, if he dared be honest with himself, he also loved!

"Maybe it was just one night," Will relented slightly, his glowing smile beginning to ebb. He still didn't back away, though, as he continued, "Maybe it was just one night for you. Maybe you don't want an eternity with me. Maybe your heart's not as tied to me, to us, as mine is to yours. If that's true, tell me now."

Yet, he didn't give him a chance to speak as he danced forward on his swift, booted feet; caught his love's handsome face in his caring hands; and finally kissed his lips. His answer came in the language in which Jack couldn't lie as the bold, brave, and proud Pirate Captain melted against his lips' sweet onslaught and kissed him back.

The End
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