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[ potc100 ]
pirates of the caribbean drabble challenge

pearlseed posting in Pirates of the Caribbean Drabbles
User: potc100 (posted by pearlseed)
Date: 2012-08-16 05:07
Subject: My Suggestion and Thank You
Security: Public
In 2009, I wrote this little scribbleybit off a prompt here.


Actually, wrote two and posted and then another lovely wrote and then...more. Luvvy Cat said this was the little black dress of drabbles and I have laughed over that remark more than a time or two. I would like to say check out the series because there were/are some clever writers in this world.

It is my firm belief that this was a remembrance for me from someone I loved very much who had just passed. So, believe it or shake your head, don't make me no never mind.
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